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Where to Thrift the Best Stuff This December 2021

Where the thrift (foose) at this bronya?

December is almost here and whew, there are so many events lined up in it. I wouldn’t be caught dead in the same outfit four times; twice maybe. So, here is a list of affordable thrift pages to shop from. Keep some of the extra money for all the hot locations and events; slaying and saving at the same time.

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Let’s go!

While we’re at it, here’s thrift theme music to guide you through this post. ????


Foose Plug is a cozy space in Accra between miscellaneous and rare. Shop here for diverse and weird thrift items such as chunky shoes and sandals, pants, shirts, popular and vintage toys, designer and fur bags, jewelry among other random stuff. The shop combines a mixture of styles from the most adored celebrities with those barely known to create a space where customers define and find their identities with fashion.

Best For: Random rare finds

Price Range: GHS10 – 100


This shop is where all our “street boys” and few “asakaa girl” buy their designer clothes; mainly evisu pants and sneakers. Located in the streets of Kumasi, the shop is known for its quality brand sneakers such Balenciaga track runners, Nike SB Dunks, Rick Owens and graphic button-up shirts which are highly patronized by customers all over Ghana.

Best For: Evisu jeans, brand sneakers, dope button-ups and designer caps.

Price Range: GHS50 – 300


You can find all your shirt needs here. HS supplies some of the best thrift graphic and sarcastic t-shirts. The unisex shop is also popular for racing shirts which are fire. It is based in Accra and maintains stable price of GHS70 for all button-ups and GHS65 for all shirts.

Best For: Fire button-ups and graphic t-shirts

Price Range: GHS60 – 70


Similar to HS vintage store, TT supplies the market with rare and quality thrift T-shirt, baseball shirts and button ups. The shop also deals in leather pants and jackets. TT is based in Accra and delivery is made to all parts of the country.

Best For: T-shirts, Leather pants and jackets.

Price Range: GHS40 – 100


Thrift Arena is a multi dimensional shop which deals in all types of clothes. Shop here to save delivery costs from ordering from multiple shops. The shop sells sneakers, shirts, pants, shorts, button-ups, sandals and many other clothing pieces. It is also based in Accra. Thrift Arena also profiles as a styling page. It offers designing and styling at a fee.

Best For: Fly, complete look-book fits

Price Range: GHS30-200


When it comes to vintage and rare clothes, this is where to shop. This online shops sells the hardest and oldest clothing pieces in good condition. Fairly old items are designer items. The shop is based in Accra.

Best For: Rare designer clothing pieces

Price Range: GHS50 – 300


If you love rare goods, you would love Drip Foose. Based in Kumasi, this shop strives to deliver hard clothes such as designer shirts, caps, trackpants, jackets and many other attires. Coming from the streets, they strive to deliver the best to the streets.

Best For: designer and underground brand shirts, tracksuits, jackets, shorts and caps.

Price Range:GHS50 – 250


This shop is definitely one of the coolest thrift pages out there. The shop deals in designer bags, shoes, sneakers, and t-shirts. It is based in Accra, owned by a fashionista who couples styling with the online shop. Buy all your designer drip here.

Best For: T-shirts, Sneakers and Caps.

Price Range: GHS30 – 200


Calling all my designer wear freaks to attention. This online shop sells second-hand designer items only. Ranging from sneakers to bags to scarfs and caps. Shop here to satisfy your designer cravings.

Best For: Designer sneakers and bags.

Price Range: GHS100 – 700


This is literally the best place to shop all your designer bags. The bags are unisex and the shop is within Accra. The shop does occasionally sell designer scarfs and bucket hats for all you fashion killers.

Best for: designer bags, headwear and scarfs

Price Range: GHS50 – 1000


Upcycle is typically a shop where thrift items are recycled to look better. The shop reworks old items thrifted and sells them. The shop is all about saving the planet one drip at a time. Shop here for your upcycled handbags and other clothes reworked and help save the world in in your small corner.

Best For: Upycled dresses and accessories

Price Range: GHS20 – 150


Looking for pants and shorts? Well look no further. K Thrift deals in quality and affordable pants as well as track suits, jackets and t-shirts.

Best For: T-shirts, jackets, pants and tracksuits

Price Range: GHS50 – 200


Trends Online doubles as a styling page and a thrifting page. This online shop deals with t-shirts, button-ups, pants, hoodies and other clothing items to pull your looks together. Worldwide delivery is available at a fee.

Best for: Shirts, Jerseys, Hoodies and Pants

Price Range: GHS50 – 300

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Shop like every night is a gala show. Life is too short to look bad and what not. Look good, feel good with under GHS100. We’ll be back with a follow-up blog on how to identify scams when shopping online.

Merry Thrifting.