Skate Nation Ghana

Skate Nation Ghana at the Tokyo Olympics 2021

Skate Nation Ghana tells the story of Joshua Ganyobi Odamtten and Sandy Alibo, and how they used Facebook’s platforms to build an emerging skateboarding culture in Ghana.

Their tight-knit community inspires skaters around the globe. We change the game when we find each other.

The film below is the new spot from Facebook showing the platforms’ capabilities in bringing people together and inspiring change.

Joshua Ganyobi Skate Nation Ghana
Joshua Ganyobi, Skate Nation Ghana founder | Image via Vogue

The spot highlights one of the pioneers of skateboarding in Ghana, Joshua, and Sandy, the brains behind Surf Ghana and the Ghana Skate Tour (in partnership with Vans, Trace ad more) who’s also affiliated with SuperJazzClub. Joshua and Sandy together with a community of skaters like Yaw Amosah, Cephyo, Adrys Matendet who have over the years, being growing skateboarding in Ghana by driving awareness and interest, as well as showing the world that, everything is possible.

This film hits all the right youthful notes as it features young skaters from Ghana, with creative input for some of the coolest, young people killing it right now in their own fields in Ghana. This includes film maker Justyna Obasi, culture journalist Ekow Barnes and fillm maker and stylist extraordinaire Kuukuwa Eshun.

Sadny Alibo Surf Ghana
Sandy, Surf Ghana founder. | Image via Vogue

The film was directed by Justyna Obasi, Bafic and Elliot Power and will run during the coverage of the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Do we love it? You bet!!

Check out the beautiful film below.

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Skate Nation Ghana
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