SuperJazzClub: The Kids Will Be Alright | MOTW #1

On YPKI, everything is an acronym. In that spirit, we’re kicking off MOTW, or simply, Music of the Week.

Every Wednesday, we’ll post a collection of songs by young musicians killing it in Ghana and across Africa. We’ll typically focus on one artist/band and just highlight 5 of their grooviest tunes.

SuperJazzClub For All The Good Times Album Cover

This week, we kick off with SuperJazz Club, who’re, like their name, jazzing up the alternative music scene in Ghana. SuperJazz Club is a collective of nine musicians experimenting with various styles. Their music is a fusion of multiple genres, including rap, afrobeats and R&B.

The memebers of SuperJazzClub are Ansah Live, BiQo, Seyyoh, Tano Jackson, Øbed, Joey Turks, Anthony Orleans and Oliver. YPKI means Young People Killing it btw. So as you can imagine, SuperJazzClub is made up of cool, young people literally tearing up the alté space in Ghana.

There’s this dope interview by WFA on the collective that details the soul of the collective and why they exist and all the cool things they’re doing. Beyond their incredible music, the collective also embodies a wholesome aesthetic that you can’t help but stan! Check out their Instagram for a feel.

SuperJazzClub | Credit: Instagram.

Enough about all that and on to the music. You’ll find some of their music videos below as well as Spotify playlists to their most jamming tunes. Fingers crossed they bag some VGMA nominations and awards soon.


SuperJazzClub Music Videos

SuperJazzClub Spotify Playlist