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Joey B – The Messiah | MOTW #2

I’m all about Joey B this week on MOTW. Before we even get into the music, do you recognize how Joey B singlehandedly opened all of Ghana’s eye in relation to culture and fashion? The man has put us all on every single time.

My favorite thing about Joey’s music is the playfulness and relatability of it all. It’s real, and so, so, fun! Music aside, Joey B is beautiful. If you’ve seen Joey in real life, you have definitely seen a Roman God. Yes, yes, I said it. I’m definitely not thirsty.

Joey B

Back to music, let’s not forget some of the artists Joey helped put on, namely Pappy Kojo and La Meme gang. Darryl Paa Kwesi Bannerman-Martin is a big guy with a bigger aura and I respect that.

One of the best things about Joey B’s music is how it doesn’t pressure the youth but rather encourages real grind; promising that things do get better.

Yvery Anthony

Beyond his music, Joey has never been involved in any scandalous news and much of his life is very low-key. Which artiste has done this much?

I will be running through my all time favorite songs from Joey and I’ll leave links so you can check them out. But before that let’s do a brief analysis on his most recent release, Gorilla, directed by DJ Krept and featuring Yaw Tog.

One of the best things about Joey’s music is how it doesn’t pressure the youth but rather encourages real grind. Promising that things do get better. As a thrifter, I appreciate his lyrics in Gorilla, “3ny3 foose aa, joe mento”. Joey is real about everything.

Including Referee Somo, the dancing referee added another layer of fun and entertainment to the video which I haven’t enjoyed in a while.

3ba nu G.O.A.T de3, I’m billy yeah!

Enough of Gorilla. In no particular order, here are some of my top Joey B songs to get you through the rest of the week.

1. Over You ft Odunsi the Engine

I discovered this song early last year though it’s older. He featured Nigerian artist Odunsi, who I would do a playlist on soon. This song is off Darryl’s Lava Feels album. Joey is basically all about getting money in this song which is what I am all about too. The word play and beats in this song complement each other beautifully.

2. Sudwe by E.L ft Joey B x Tulenkey

My friend put me on this one. Fave lyrics are: “me, I’m doing my thing; you bitches can’t do it like this. ” Joey B’s side of the song is my favorite. The video came out like 5 months ago and the GOAT was inside, killing it as always.

3. Glass Nkoaa by SayDaDon featuring Twene Jonas & Joey B

I do not go one day without listening to this track. How can you? ‘BLOWIN HER BACK IN THE BACK OF A BENTLEY!!! The song came out this year whiles Joey was outside the country. Can we talk about how Joey rarely touches the women in his videos? A perfect gentleman too. To remind you all of his fashion sense, Joey wore a stussy shirt in the video and a BBC hoodie. Is there a better man?

4. Do my Dance by Kiddblack ft Joey B

thank me later

The first thing about this song is the beat. Like put me onnnnnnn!!!!!! Joey B’s angle on this song was so chill and fun; as if I expected different. There is no YouTube video or audio so I would use Spotify for this one.

5. Bang by Bosom P-Yung ft Joey B

“bosom s3 aduro wom, Atown s3 aduro wom, Krept s3 aduro wom, OG s3 abi wommmmmm”

After listening to this track half of my mind was like ‘bang’ for a whole week. Does that happen to you? Like the word bang kept repeating in Joey’s voice with the song beat. First off can we look at Joey’s hitman outfit for the video? Biker shades with a hunter’s hat, cargo pants, a vest and a strap on hunting bag. Then he completed the entire fit with boots. No brand name in the outfit, just vibes. Same as his verse on the song.

6. Taya by Joey B ft Sarkodie & Kwesi Arthur

Yes, yes, yes. This song is for people who are tired of everything. Lol. It’s Joey B’s rhythm for me, honestly. The song is really made for lazy Saturdays and cool Friday evenings. There is no official video for it. So I’m leaving the link to the audio here.

7. Beautiful Boy by Joey B ft Wanlov & Yaa Pono

the cover art though……fire

This song is crazy even though it is three years old. I can’t unlisten or stop listening really. Joey really killed it and he featured the perfect people for it. The song boosts body confidence in such a funny, cool way. Definitely should have been a hit song.

8. Crazy Joey B x Dee Money

Not gonna lie, I just heard this song yesterday. I was going to do just 7 but I had to add this one. Listen now, and worship me later.

Apart from the need to consistently support Ghanaian artists, Joey is really worth the hype. He makes music young people can unwind to whiles being a total badass fashion killa. I can defo say that Joey is the best dressed artist in Ghana. Constantly putting us on new feels and vibes. Long live the GOAT.

Cover image (shown below) designed by Trippy Light Lord.

joey b the goat art by Trippylightlord
Joey B Galactica poster via TrippyLightLord

The “Tactical” M33siah, commander of the G.O.A.T’s discovers 12 more dimensions on epic 3 day expedition.