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Amaarae – New Government Movement | MOTW #3

Ghanaian-American Youth Rebel Leader Amaarae is our rave this week. Ama Serwah Genfi as she’s less popularly known is a songwriter and producer with a golden canary voice. Amaarae’s experiments with both music and fashion defy the normal. Ama is growing to be Ghana’s fastest-rising star, especially after her recent album release, The Angel You Don’t Know.

Amaarae’s music and style questions and transcends the definitions of womanhood and youth. If you’re looking for something new, an evolving sound that shifts between afrobeats, soul and hip-hop, well, come along with me as we dive in with Amaarae on MOTW (music of the week).

1. Fancy

Amaarae’s Fancy video encourages the best bad b*tch complex in everyone. The music hypes the listener, giving an inner confidence with that tiny beautiful voice urging you on. Her lyrics are fierce and energetic.

On the right that’s my best friend
You don’t wanna test them

Everyday I do my dance in the mirror
‘Cause I feel so damn fancy Fancy, fancy, fancy, fancy

Bitch, I’m really with the shits and that’s for sure
If you didn’t know, big baby now you know.’

These words are simply pure energy to put any body out there. Amaarae’s black bodysuit with cowries stitched-in metamorphose her into something otherworldly and we love it.

2. Jumping Ship (ft. Kojey Radical and Cruel Santino)

Amaarae’s Jumping Ship is a feeling every youth has come across at least once in a lifetime. Jumping Ship emphasizes a recklessness and lust that pulls someone in a relationship to someone other than his/her partner. It exposes an intoxicated but intense desire to be filthy (the good kind) with another body.

Tell me that you needed space
I’m out here pulling my weight
I left my man on the phone
I left my girls in L.A
Don’t tell me you into the way that I moan’
When you wanna keep me up late

Amaarae – Jumping Ship

Amaarae’s ability to pull western culture and blend it with African vibes are truly unmatched. From her goddess braids lined with beads and golden hair cuffs, the gloves on her hands, pearls on her neck to the local feel of the video setting (African cloth hanging in the background), Amaarae truly has found the line between African and American Culture.

3. Leave Me Alone

Okay, I prefer the Colors Show version of this song more so we will go with that. The lyrics of this song are literally a safe mental space.

The song highlights and reflects that there people out there bent on ruining other people while the victims are trying everything to be free of these schemes. Despite all these, she focuses on calling herself (or the listener) the best shining diamond in the world.

Again, Amaarae’s outfit was topnotch; an ankle-length, burgundy leather jacket over what I can only describe as a modern male early 18th century get-up.

4. Sad Girls Luv Money (ft. Moliy)

This song was released about 11 months ago. The money is all about getting paid! The most exciting part of this song lyrics were, ‘I wanna get paid, yeah Just gimme my mula-la-la.’ From her green bob wig to pictures plastered on the walls, surrounded by the coolest girls Amaarae holds up her prop gun and sings all about ‘making the paper.’ These are all the vibes we need for 2022.

Amaarae’s theme for this video was all CYBER Y2K vibes and I loved it. The pops of colors in the outfits and location, the use of early 2000s outfits mixed with the latest trends. The video editing even added these cyber effects. Gosh, it’s really something.

5. Money & Laughter – BOJ (ft Amaarae & Zamir)

Amaarae’s feature on this track shows just how versatile she is. Her verse is soft, sensual and an absolute vibe check. Her lyrics call out to a lover to join her, to make her feel, need and want more. This is the perfect song for a slow night with your favorite person and the tastiest snacks.

Amaarae’s growth in both the music and fashion industry continues to astound me. As Amaarae pushes the boundaries of creative spaces and societal confines, putting Ghana on the map, we continue to vibe, stream and share her music.

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