The Most Entertaining ghanaian TikTok Accounts You Should Follow in 2021

Love TikTok? Wait till you see what’s happening in Ghanaian TikTok with these entertaining Ghanaian TikTokers.

TikTok is an addictive, thumb-stopping short-form video platform with entertaining, engaging and interesting content for days. TikTokers are a special breed of creators who push creativity to the edge every single day.

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What is TikTok? A Guide To Understanding The Latest Social Media Craze

TikTok is a great mood booster and a massive time sucker (if you’re not careful) because of all the great content and TikTok’s incredible recommendation algorithm which keeps surfacing dope content after dope content in an infinity loop.

Enough of that and back to why you’re here. Which Ghanaian TikTokers should you follow for amazing, thumb-stopping content, not because of their popularity or followers?


Here’s a few young Ghanaians absolutely killing it on TikTok. From silly skits on pickup lines, how songs are made, music awards and down to viral trends, these guys keep entertaining.



Jackline Mensah

Say Logan

Wesley Kesse

Nancy G


What app do you delete when your phone gets ceased by your parents ? 😹 #nancyg #comedy #funny #blackparents #africanparents #lockit #womeninfashion

♬ Windows Error Sound – Brad

LOL Gh (Dorkheads)


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♬ original sound – DorkheadsTikTok


Fahim Dumba