kuvuki beach lodge
Image via Kuvuki Beach Lodge

Lowkey Xcapes and Vibely Spots in Accra for the 2021 Chills and Thrills

Accra is the hub of Ghana especially in December. So many exciting places opening up for the end of the year fun. Our young selves deserve nothing but the most vibely spots in Accra to chill this December and beyond.

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There are locations for everyone and every need; the hangout spots, the make out spots, the best food joints, the artsy spots.

We’ve got you!

1. Nanoff Gallery

Nanoff is the most interesting place to hangout this Christmas. Located close to Villagio, the artist presents the most amazing pieces of history and ideas using electronic scraps, car parts and random cast-aways. Everywhere is filled with recycled junk telling the most outrageous stories. Literally 80% of the words I spoke there were “ouuuuuuu”, “wowwwwwwwwwww”. The artist demonstrated great knowledge as he took us around the place explaining the birth, composition and life of each artwork.

2. Kuvuki Beach

Here is the place to relax and reflect. Unlike many Accra beaches, Kuvuki is clean and uncrowded. Kuvuki is where nature comes to rest. You can find it at Weija and guess what? Accommodation is available as well. Definitely one of the most vibely spots in Accra to hang this December.

3. Wakanda Beach

I guess Weija is the hub for the best beaches. Wakanda is at Kokrobite. Just like Kuvuki, this is the place to wear all your loose and short clothes. A cocktail in hand, beautiful sand, endless possibilities.

4. Moka Resto Cafe

If you want a good meal with aesthetic settings, Moka is the place for you. It is a Lebanese restaurant located in Accra, inside Labone. Their menu has meals as low as 50 cedis to luxurious ones costing over 100 cedis. This place is also perfect for pictures if you are into that. The layout and props scream aesthetic.

5. Santoku Restaurant.

This is the most exotic restaurants I’ve seen. It has one of the most contemporary Japanese dining style in Africa. If you are looking to experience new, foreign cultures, more specifically Korean based, Santoku is the place for you. Santoku is inside Villagio, on the airport road. The menu prices are above average ranging starting from 90 cedis upwards.

6. +233 Jazz Bar and Grill

The contemporary live band music here combined with wonderful food and drinks is the shit!!!!! This place definitely sets a different mood and vibe in Accra. This vibely spot opens from 11am. and is located along the Ringway Dual carriage road.

Depending on where you are coming from, you to ensure you on the side from Nima police station heading towards Osu. From the Nima Police Station, about 200 meters after the Kanda overpass you will find the place up the hill. Click here for Google Maps directions.

I recommend going on a Friday night though; it is the best. Note that you may pay an entry fee depending on whether there is a show. The food is very affordable as well.

7. The Vynyard

Okay okay, it is definitely the best place to watch the sunset whiles having cocktails with your favorite person. It is a superb rooftop bar at the Bel Air Crest.

It’s also a great spot to find inspiration from Cheddar, the young millionaire who owns the property.

8. Pomona

Pomona is an Italian restaurant based in Accra. You should swing by here if you want to try something new. This restaurants appreciates the culinary practices of Italians. Located in Osu, it opens at 12pm and they do have a website where you can book a table. Their menu ranges from 18 cedis to 120 cedis. You can have pasta, pizza, wine, every local Italian meal.

More details here.

9. James Town Coffee Warehouse

This space is typically lifted from the warehouse look. It is located at James Town obviously. The menu is very affordable; you can get a meal for 20 cedis to 150 cedis. This is where to go to if you need a change of scenery but nothing that is too much. The cafe opens at 6am and closes at 6pm.

10. La Borracha

Oh my God, this place!!!!! *smirks internally*. La Borracha is a Mexican restaurant located in Accra, specifically at Labone Estate. Okay I just have to say it again, OMGGGGG! The setting at this location is absolutely amazing. You can have drinks and meals from as low as 12 cedis to over 100 cedis.

Spend time, spend money – spend on yourself and good memories. 2021 is only going to happen once; make the best of it whiles the rest of it is here. Log out, turn up and go outside!

We enter 2022 much greater and that’s on periodtt!!!!!!