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How to Plan Your 2022 (If You Haven’t Already)

This is post by Emmanuel Dankyi of Lime & Honey was originally published on Medium and is reproduced here with permission.

If you’re here and you don’t know how my 2021 plans went, click here to go read that first. Not that you care so much or anything lol. But I think there’s some information in there that you’d enjoy. If you’re coming here from that article, click this link to answer two simple questions and I’ll send you 10 BUSD (valid for the first 10 people to get the answers right)

Now that we have that out of the way, Let’s get straight into how I’m envisioning my 2022. I know the year could go completely sideways and I might deviate from this plan, or maybe I’d change my mind entirely about some things, that’s okay. But it’s still good to have a general sense of direction as to how I’m planning to spend my year as well as to help keep me accountable to the people I owe accountability to.

My Accountability squad is a bunch of weird people but they make shit work. We try our best to win together by helping each other win.

2022 Goals

Spirituality & lifestyle

  • study the Bible more
  • Pray more than I’m used to
  • Do a little bit more in church (join the worship team on stage)
  • Journal more
  • Ask more dumb questions
  • Keep observing my life and ask the hardest questions I’m always running away from
  • Build a much more flexible daily routine
  • Treat my health better (both physical & mental)
  • Travel more within Ghana
  • Travel to another country in Q4
  • Touch people’s lives

Family & Relationship

  • Be a better brother and a son
  • Help my sister build a sustainable revenue stream for herself
  • Help my personal stalker tripple her annual revenue
  • Train my kid brother
  • Begin scoping for permanent properties
  • Create joint family investments

Career & work

  • Build profitable partnerships in the travel space
  • Explore the XR space
  • Complete AR product beta in Q1
  • Release two podcast seasons
  • Release at least 4 articles
  • Host an animation related event (FXF)
  • Release 3 animated short film projects
  • Create focused passion project sprints, one for each quarter
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Music
  • Animation
  • Make career shift decision by Q4
  • Submit to at least one film festival


  • 10x my investment portfolio
  • Increase passive income revenue streams
  • Diversify investments
  • Sell NFTs


  • experiment with my YouTube channel (tutorials/digital experientials)
  • Put out my music projects
  • Metaverse applications
  • Digital Experientials with VR & AR

The theme for the year:

VIMUS BOMUS. Basically means more vim in Spanish ? as coined by the famous Desouza Henry and properly used for motivation by Eldad Nutakor and myself.


There have been lots of times this year (2021) when I’ve felt like I wanted to quit life because it was the easiest thing to do. But we’re still here and we’re still moving. I need to always remind myself in those times that I cannot rest until my purpose is fulfilled in this life. And so VIMUS BOMUS to me, and VIMUS BOMUS to the whole team.

Just like I do every year, Here’s a t-shirt design with an accompanying dp to serve as a reminder for the rest of the year. It’s also available for those who would like to purchase one. There are only 30 in circulation and only 10 left at the time of publication of this article. Shoot me a DM here or on Instagram if you’d like to purchase one.


Want to know how I came about these plans, check out this link here for a free guide to help you plan your year. It also gives a sneak peak into how i’ve broken down my major goals into timelines for the year.

Download this image to share your top 5 Goals for next year with us on Instagram.


Here are some apps that help me stay on track with my goals on a daily

  • Money lover (tracking finances)
  • Coin stats (tracking crypto earnings)
  • Taskade (planning day to day to-dos and Quarterly projects)
  • Notion (keep track of specific business-related ideas, products & plans as well as keeping detailed documentation)
  • Google calendar (planning daily activities and schedules)
  • Evernote (quick note-taking & journaling)
  • Google Docs (Typing out random ideas, rants, and thoughts)
  • Google Sheets (for when I need spreadsheets to track purchases, finances, goals, timelines, checklists, etc)

Hope all this was helpful for you. Have an awesome 2022!