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Ghana Memes Library: The Best Memes You Can’t Live Without

Welcome to the Ghana Memes Library, or GML for short. This is a collection of memes, hilarious, morbid or otherwise taking over the internet with Ghanaian origins. Why we’re publishing this? Come on. Memes can succinctly and elegantly communicate complex expressions and feelings. Don’t have the words for that thing you want to say? Use a meme.

It’s pretty much how we communicate these days and isn’t just limited to young people killing it, but even older people can use them. If you’re old and trying to be hip, don’t overuse them though. You’ll just stick out like a sore thumb.

Dancing Pallbearers (Most Popular Ghana Memes)

Dancing Pallbearers, one of the most popular Ghana Memes

These pallbearers rose to fame during the Coronavirus pandemic as an engaging reminder to keep themselves safe or risk having the performance of a lifetime at their funerals. Check out this feature on Ghana’s Pallbearers by the BBC.

The dancing pallbearers became a meme, an instant hit across the world, even being used on a billboard in Brazil to sensitize the public on COVID-19.

Pensive Jake


A chubby-cheeked little boy whose serious expression turned him into a meme.

Jake became an instant internet hit when his photo first appeared. People used it to represent everything from a grumpy driving instructor, an unimpressed security guard, an unhappy Eminem stan, a student pretending to take notes and more that will require an entirely separate post.

Good thing is, thanks to this meme, funds were raised to enable Jake Amo and others like him continue their education comfortably.

Pensive Jake writing Ghana Meme library
iconic Jake writing Ghana Memes


Akrobeto Apologize GIF - Akrobeto Apologize Funny - Discover & Share GIFs

Akrobeto’s laughter is infectious and with that infection, an iconic meme was born. Watch the video below and you’ll immediately understand.

There’s also the meme of him asking for an apology that works great and can be plugged into different conversations effortlessly. If you’re rude to anyone, it’s best you heed Akrobeto’s advice and

Akrobeto Apologize GIF - Akrobeto Apologize Funny - Discover & Share GIFs Ghana Memes

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