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5 Crazy Christmas Gifts to Get Your “Main”

Ideas for Christmas gifts anyone? ?

It can be a headache trying to get the most special gifts for your killi every Christmas. Ughhhhhhh!!!!!! Here is something completely new; a fresh list of ideas and creatives to make your holidays even more special with less headaches.

1. Customized Acrylic Paintings

rick and morty acrylic painting by viola as christmas gifts ideas

Viola is a young creative who transforms memories into art. She paints on order, with references from customers. From cartoons, personalized bitmojis to bold strokes of her imaginations. Why not get one of you and your ride-or-die? Something to look at and smile? Here are some of her amazing, special and personal works.

P.S the price list is on the last picture.

Down to gift some art? Place an order via this link.

2. Engraved Jewelry(Name/Number/Date/Quote)

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Buying regular Jewelry is boring. A necklace last Christmas, a pair of dainty earrings the Christmas before that and then a matching set of earrings, ring and chain the year behind. Customized jewelry sets a different tone this Christmas. It gives, “you are different, here is something special for you” vibes.

People engrave memorable dates and years, names of the person, specific quote or number. Check out this Instagram screenshots. Price ranges between 100 cedis-300 cedis. Links to the pages for orders and enquiries are below.

Lu Xura

3. A Weekend Getaway

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You know this is definitely a winner. What says I love you more than a weekend trip where you can relax, spend more time and just have fun? You know your girl’s got you. A list of places to rendezvous is coming right up.

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4. The Village Collectibles

There is a princess in the Northern Region promoting tourism and culture by selling the fruits of the people. Hamamat from the north, mobilizes the community to sell authentic Ghana-made shea butter, cloth, woven baskets, coconut oil, black soap and other products of the land. These products have wonderful healing and beautifying elements that make a different mood altogether. This is also a great way to support Ghana and the Northern Community. Below is a link to her Instagram page. A link to shop the products can be found in her bio on the page.

5. Hamper Lover

If you are on a budget, I got you. There are ways to keep it classy and top-notch whiles still having it budget-friendly. Hampers are very affordable and that is why they are common but here are some shops that make them different.

Be different this Christmas; we only get to have this year once. Have fun, have more fun and cherish the moments.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in advance to you!

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