YPKI is an acronym for Young People Killing It. No, we’re not about death and suicide or serial killers.

What is YPKI Then?


YPKI is an online magazine for young people in Ghana. It showcases the cool things happening in Ghana and the young forces making it happen.

What You’ll Find on Young People Killing It

The magazine covers everything from money, lifestyle, fashion, sex & love, music, down to health when it comes to it.

Here, you can find interviews with upcoming creators and entrepreneurs. You also get to live in the shoes of other people in our DITLO (Day in the lives Of) series, understand people’s grind and how they survive Accra and the rest of Ghana in our ASBP series (Accra Stay by Plan), how people came up in the Ground Up series and more.

Who Owns It

This blog is currently run by Kadi Yao Tay and Yvery Rosemary Anthony.

YPKI is a subsidiary of Dark Lantern Media along with Squid Magazine, Noanyi, Once Enough and Toli Studios.

How to Get in Touch

You can reach us by visiting the link below or shoot an email to sup@ypki.life.